Clean Water For Your Home With Whole House Water Filtration - Central Texas Water Softeners

Clean Water For Your Home With Whole House Water Filtration

  • April 12, 2023
Clean Water For Your Home With Whole House Water Filtration - Central Texas Water Softeners

It’s something so simple but can potentially be dangerous when not treated properly. We like to believe that the tap water in our homes is safe for use or consumption but the truth is, there are more than 2,000 chemicals found in tap water, and only a small percentage of them are deemed safe. One of the best ways to ensure the water in your home is safe is to install a whole-house water filtration system, but with all that’s on the market, which types of water filters do you need?

The Best Water Filters For Your Home

When it comes to filtering the water in your home, purchasing a water filter from a store may seem like the best option. The truth, however, is there’s a strong possibility a store-bought water filtration system won’t properly filter out the chemicals that cause disease and can affect those with skin conditions such as eczema. Depending on the severity of your hard, unfiltered water, you can be putting your and your family’s health at risk. To properly choose the best whole water filtration system for your home, there are a few steps you’ll want to take.

The first is to have your water tested by a professional water softener company. At Central Texas Water Softeners, we offer free water tests to determine what chemicals are in your water and provide a full overview of the damage they can cause. We can also determine if any damage to your plumbing or fixtures was caused by the water in your home. 

From there, we will suggest the best options to purify your water. In some cases, both a water softener system and a reverse osmosis system are needed to properly clean your water. Not every household will need both as different areas are subject to different types of impurities and different levels, but your water test will determine which, if not both, are necessary. Beyond knowing what’s in your water and what type of damage can be caused, it’s important to know the difference between a pure water drinking system and a Texas water softener.

A water softener system is necessary when the water in your home is determined to be hard water. Signs of hard water include hard-to-remove spots and rust on your water fixtures and dishes, spots on your shower, and problems with your plumbing. Hard water can also affect your hair and skin, leaving it dry and in people with conditions like eczema, causing flare-ups. A Texas water softener will filter out the minerals that cause hard water, saving your fixtures, and your skin and hair!

A reverse osmosis system will filter out the minerals in your tap water that make it unsafe for use and consumption. If you’ve ever noticed a foul odor coming from your water, or noticed a slight discoloration, chances are your water is contaminated beyond the filtration provided by the municipality that provides it. A pure water drinking system will filter out these contaminants and provide you and your family with safe, clean drinking water straight from your tap!

To provide your family with the healthiest water available, contact the professionals at Central Texas Water Softeners. We’ll provide you with a free water test to assess your water and provide you with the best whole-house water filtration system options for your home. Contact us at 830.730.6799  today!

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