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Water Solutions

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City/Municipal Water - Central Texas Water Softeners

City/Municipal Water

Municipal treatment plants turn contaminated water into portable drinking water. Your water is screened for debris and filtered, then they add either Chlorine or lately a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia, which are powerful disinfectants, to significantly reduce the risk of waterborne diseases. While the water that comes into your house is considered “safe” to drink it still contains many impurities and by-products from the disinfectants.

Well Water - Central Texas Water Softeners

Well Water

When a home is supplied by well water, it means that they get their drinking, bathing, and cleaning water from the private well on their property. Wells are built by drilling into the ground and accessing an underground aquifer. That water is then pumped into the house. A house with a well can either be connected to the city’s sewer system or use a septic system.

Rain Water - Central Texas Water Softeners

Rain Water

As water prices increase and restrictions happen every summer, rain water is an excellent option. Harvesting rainwater saves money and allows personal control over how your water is purified and treated. The proper process is needed so the rainwater can be converted to safe and clean water that you can use inside your house and drink.

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We recently moved to Spring Branch and needed help with the hardness of our water.  A neighbor referred us to Central Texas Water Softeners.  They were very knowledgeable about our local water conditions, how to make our water soft and they had a fix for the chlorine taste and odor in our water.  They sent us an estimate and it was far less than we expected.  They installed two days later, in and out in less than an hour and no mess.  We love our water. It feels, smells and tastes great!  We are also amazed how little salt it uses.

MaySpring Branch Customer

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