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When a home is supplied by well water, it means that you are responsible for drinking, household and outside water from the private well on the property.

Wells are built by drilling into the ground and accessing an underground aquifer. That water is then pumped into the house (or a storage/pressure tank).  A house with a well can either be connected to the city’s sewer system or use a septic system.

The Potability of a well is the Owner’s Responsibility!

Are Private Wells Safe? - Central Texas Water Softeners

Are Private Wells Safe?

How are they regulated?

Private wells are not covered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or TCEQ. This means there is no guarantee that the water that you get from the private wells is safe. Household well owners in Texas are responsible for ensuring that their well water is safe to drink. People who drink polluted water can become sick and, in some cases, die. Health problems caused by contaminated well water include illnesses from bacteria such as E. coli, “blue baby syndrome,” and arsenic poisoning.

Warning: 86% of our water is testing positive for Cryptosporidium.  Naegleria Fowler (Brain Eating Amoebas) and Giardia are in our water.  It is essential that all wells have a UV light, because these can slip by Chlorination!

Unsafe drinking water from wells is often caused by high concentrations of minerals—such as fluoride and uranium—that occur naturally across Texas. Well water can also be polluted by seepage from failed septic tanks, farm/animal runoff and by synthetic compounds such as fertilizers, gasoline, herbicides and pesticides.

Central Texas wells are unusually high in both calcium and magnesium, making the water EXTREMELY hard.  They can also have low pH Levels (acidic/corrosive properties), iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and other complications from tannin, lignin and microbes.

Well Water is considered problem water – Self diagnosis of your water is dangerous. This is why we offer free testing!

Does Well Water Need To Be Tested? - Central Texas Water Softeners

Does Well Water Need To Be Tested?

The Importance of Well Water Testing

Owners of wells should have their water tested regularly and compare their results against the federal standard.  This should be done every 6 months for new wells and at least every 12 months for older (10 years) wells.

Once your water has been appropriately analyzed, a series of custom water treatment options will be recommended. Contact us today to have your well water tested and let us find the right water solution for your home/business and drinking water.

We Provide An Engineered Custom Solution! We have also provided a comprehensive Guide on Texas Well Ownership.

Solution To Your Well Water Problems - Central Texas Water Softeners

Solution To Your Well Water Problems

We Provide An Engineered Custom Solution

When problems are found with your well water supply, you can rest assured knowing that our water experts can find a solution to your water problems. Some of our treatment options include:

  • High Efficient water softeners to address problems caused by hard water.
  • Whole-house water filters: iron, hydrogen sulfide, sediment, low pH, manganese, turbidity and other problems found on the well water testing.
  • UV (ultraviolet) light rack systems – UV light for 8-15 GPM flow + 5 micron Sediment filter to ensure microbes are not hiding from sterilization of the UV light.  We don’t believe in adding chemicals to water, but all wells need either disinfection or sterilization.
  • Drinking water filtration systems that can significantly improve the taste and safety of your drinking water, ice, cooking water and water used to prep foods.

Contact us today to your FREE water test where we will provide you an engineered custom solution for you water needs.

Need Help Finding The Right Product?

Try our quick and easy Water Guide for a product recommendation to treat all your water problems.


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