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Why Us

Why Central Texas Water Softeners (CTWS)?

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Central Texas Water Softeners finding water solutions to help homes and businesses get clean, pure water while providing water knowledge.

Our Mission - Central Texas Water Softeners

Our Mission

Great water for your home or business

Water is essential to human health, from conception to old age, hydration is key to making the human systems work.  Our world is rapidly changing and with these changes the cleanness of our water has been deteriorating. I have heard, “well I have been drinking the water for 35 years and no problems.” I respond, “that you know of”.  We are all aware of bioburden, this is what contributes to inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other human/animal maladies. The bioburden in our water is increasing and at a pace that our municipal water providers can’t cost effectively protect. This puts the onus on us.

Our mission is to educate our neighbors that now is the time to be accountable for the quality of the water that we invite into our homes, drink, cook and clean food with.  We are doing this through asking our neighbors to read their local Water Quality Report (city/municipal water) and to test their wells frequently. We have researched, tested and been licensed to provide solutions for our local water problems. We have found solutions that fix the problems with/in our water and do such for a better price. Central Texas Water Softeners invite you to learn about water, the quality of your water and how to get great water for your home and family.

Our History - Central Texas Water Softeners

Our History

Great Water Is Our Passion

Great water is our passion, from designing water systems in Africa to fixing local wells, I want everyone to have great water.  I have had health problems that were directly linked to contaminants in my drinking water (Mercury, Lead, Fluoride and other heavy metals).  Removing these from my body and making sure that they are not in my water, has eliminated these health issues.  I was able to get off 4 prescription drugs by drinking better water. Having clean water went from faith in the system, to recognition of a problem, to a passion/mission to educate.

We Have The Solutions To Fix Your Water Problems!

Fixing Water Problems - Central Texas Water Softeners

Fixing Water Problems

We would love for our neighbors to have great water. We have the solutions!

My partner has been in facilities management for more than 30 years and has formed a passion around correcting water issues, improving water conditions and implementing water conservation. He has seen the hardness of the water in this area and has experienced the different pollutants that are in it. It all came to a head when his retired parents were sold a water conditioning system for over $6500.00, from a large company, for their home, on a well system up in Fredericksburg. He felt the Hill Country needed an honest transparent water softener company that serviced the central Texas area that would put a quality product in their home or business.

Hear Why Customers Love Us...

We recently moved to Spring Branch and needed help with the hardness of our water.  A neighbor referred us to Central Texas Water Softeners.  They were very knowledgeable about our local water conditions, how to make our water soft and they had a fix for the chlorine taste and odor in our water.  They sent us an estimate and it was far less than we expected.  They installed two days later, in and out in less than an hour and no mess.  We love our water. It feels, smells and tastes great!  We are also amazed how little salt it uses.

MaySpring Branch Customer

Need Help Finding The Right Product?

Try our quick and easy Water Guide for a product recommendation to treat all your water problems.

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