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Renting Is An Easy Way To Have Great Water!
Water Softeners - Central Texas Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Most municipal water systems supply hard water, ruining appliances, dishes, glasses, and clothes in a short period of time. Having a water softener system will solve these issues, by eliminating minerals like calcium and magnesium ions, resulting in noticeably softer water.

Our water softener rentals start at $49.95 + tax monthly.  There is a one time installation fee (the price will depend on if your home has a pre-plumbed loop) and when it is time to move, then we will either remove the unit (extra fee) or move it to your new location (within the zone map).

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If you’re fed up with our local water discoloring your clothes and tired of bathing and drinking water that smells like a pool, a whole- home filtration system can eliminate these issues by removing unpleasant smells, tastes, odors, and harmful chemicals from your water.

Don’t have a pre-plumbed loop? No problem! Our team will visit your home to review your plumbing situation. In many cases, we can find a solution that meets your water treatment needs without requiring expensive digging. Upgrade your water treatment setup with a whole-home filtration system rental for just $35.95 + tax per month.

Drinking Water Systems - Central Texas Water Softeners

Drinking Water Systems

Looking for great drinking water? A Reverse Osmosis system is the best water for drinking, cooking, washing fruits and vegetables and ice. Some plumbing allows RO water to be used at the kitchen sink and connected to the Refrigerator.

Do you live in an apartment? Consider our Reverse Osmosis to GO rental options. We’ll install a Reverse Osmosis system using a drain line adapter and provide a convenient single-spout 4:1 faucet. When it’s time to move, we’ll remove the Reverse Osmosis without causing any damage, returning the landlord’s original faucet.

Another option is a countertop Reverse Osmosis rental unit that also heats water. Both choices ensure excellent drinking water for just $29.95 + tax per month (additional filter changes for a fee).

Discounted Filters

Become a Central Texas Water Softeners member for discounted Filters. For more details, visit our Service Page.

Rental FAQs

We’re here to answer all your water treatment questions! Here are a few of the most commonly asked service and rental related questions.

A water softener is essential for your home to eliminate hard water problems like limescale buildup, dry skin, and appliance damage. Enjoy cleaner, softer water for better living!

At Central Texas Water Softeners, we understand that every household is unique. We have three different options to choose from. Whether you are just looking to add one system, a combination of systems, or even all three, we are here to help!

If your rented water softener requires wear and tear repairs, simply contact us, and our experienced technicians will promptly address any issues. Repairs are included in your rental agreement at no extra cost, ensuring your system operates efficiently and effectively. Your satisfaction and the performance of your water treatment system are our top priorities.

While there is no difficult maintenance you will need to perform, the simple task of adding salt to your water softeners and periodically replacing filters for your reverse osmosis system is important for the upkeep of those systems.

Yes. Our rental services are month-to-month. All we ask is you give us notice, a month in advance to get a technician out to remove the water systems.

The short answer is no. While water softeners do great work to soften the water, we recommend our Carbon Water Filter* to improve the water quality. However, the best option we recommend is our Reverse Osmosis systems, which provide unparalleled water purification for you to enjoy clean and great tasting water.
*not included in listed prices.

If your home already has a pre-plumbed loop (drain), then installing a rental water softener is easy, usually taking less than an hour. If your home doesn’t have a pre-plumbed loop or are unsure, give us a call at 830.730.6799 and we can figure out the best option for you and your residence.

We recommend scheduling monthly visual inspections of your salt levels and annual professional servicing according to manufacturer recommendations to maintain the efficiency of your water softener unit. Every 5 years you should have your Seals and Spacers changed.

While every RO system is different, we recommend changing the pre and post RO membrane filters every 6 months. Like the filters in your refrigerator. RO membrane filters will need to be changed every 1-2 years. If you have received a “boil water notice”, your RO water is safe to drink, but we recommend that you change your filters afterwards.

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