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Central Texas Water Softeners proudly offers high-quality, long-lasting commercial water softeners, commercial water filters, commercial reverse osmosis systems, and commercial ultraviolet systems that can provide clean water for your commercial applications.

Business such as breweries, distilleries, restaurants, hotels, schools, daycare centers, RV parks, agriculture, apartments, senior care facilities, dentists, hospitals, and other businesses relies on pure clean water. If you or your company is in need of a commercial water treatment system, would like a quote, or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us at 830.730.6799.

Commercial Water Filters - Central Texas Water Softeners

Commercial Water Filters

Bad tastes, odors and bad water quality caused by chlorine, low pH, sediment, iron, sulfur, microbials or manganese can be a thing of the past when you choose the best water filtration solution to meet your specific needs. Even if your water meets all federal water-quality standards, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it meets your business’s standards. Our commercial water filters have a variety of uses for businesses such as Breweries, Distilleries, RV Parks and more! The most impressive being the usage for Breweries and Distilleries, which are used to create great tasting beer with high quality water. If you or your company has a water quality issue, would like a quote, or have any questions at all, call us at 830.730.6799.

Commercial Water Softeners - Central Texas Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners

Hard water is the leading cause of business plumbing issues and water-using appliance failure. Our commercial water softeners have all the high-efficiency features needed for softening the extreme hardness of Central Texas. Fully programmable, these systems are capable of Parallel Flow, Alternating Flow, Responsive Flow, equipped with System Interlock, Advanced Diagnostic, Battery Back Up and Auxiliary Outputs. NSF Certified and Tested. These systems use 50% sell salt and 38% less water than other commercial water  systems. This ensures the Best Capital Cost, Operating Cost, and Long Term Maintenance Costs for a greater/faster Return On Investment. Please call us at 830.730.6799.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis - Central Texas Water Softeners

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

With the quality of our water increasingly coming under question, people are now looking for alternative sources of quality water. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems provide the most convenient and economical solution so you can provide better drinking, lab, and spotless rinse water for your business. These are ideal solutions for Breweries, Distilleries, Restaurant/Beverage Operations, and Car Washes. Additionally, Reverse Osmosis ensures consistent quality and purity when it comes to the taste for Breweries, Distilleries and other Beverage Operations. If you or your company is in need of a Commercial Reverse Osmosis, would like a quote, or have any questions at all, call us at 830.730.6799.


Commercial Ultraviolet Systems - Central Texas Water Softeners

Commercial Ultraviolet Systems

High Quality Purified water is available commercially through our Engineered Ultraviolet Systems. Engineering the correct Commercial Ultraviolet System will depend on the quality of the feed water, daily water required, and purity required. We offer affordable UVA, UVB, and UVC solutions as your unique water needs require. If you or your company is in need of a Commercial Ultraviolet System, would like a quote, or have any questions at all, call us at 830.730.6799.

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We recently moved to Spring Branch and needed help with the hardness of our water.  A neighbor referred us to Central Texas Water Softeners.  They were very knowledgeable about our local water conditions, how to make our water soft and they had a fix for the chlorine taste and odor in our water.  They sent us an estimate and it was far less than we expected.  They installed two days later, in and out in less than an hour and no mess.  We love our water. It feels, smells and tastes great!  We are also amazed how little salt it uses.

MaySpring Branch Customer

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