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Why Are UV Lights Important?

How does this effect my water?

Warning: 86% of our water is testing positive for Cryptosporidium.  Naegleria Fowler (Brain Eating Amoebas) and Giardia are in our water.  It is essential that all water have a UV light, because these can slip by Chlorination!

Ultraviolet technology provides security for the safety or your water. UV exposure provides the same benefits of disinfection, without adding more chemicals. It is proven to control microbiological issues including E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia without using chemicals. And unlike chemicals, it does not leave unwanted residuals or by-products in the water.

An Ultraviolet (UV) Water Systems light is an extremely affordable option to ensure that your water is always healthy.  A UV light protects you from accidentally Municipal/City water slippage and retro-active boil notices.  If you own a well or rainwater systems, UV light is a must.  You are responsible for the potability of all wells and rainwater systems and the only proven individually disinfection system is a properly sized UV light.

If you read your Water Quality Report, all of them warn that Cryptosporidium or Giardia may be present in your water.  These 2 parasites have a bio-shell which makes them resistant to chlorine.  It does not make them resistant to UV Light.

We provide Water Purification services in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding areas. 

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