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A “Scary-removal” Treat

Of Contaminants, Chloramination, or Cryptosporidium – which are the scariest? All of them!

For a limited time. October 30- November 5, 2020.

We strongly believe that every household should have the following:  Softener, Catalytic Carbon (Municipal Water only), QCRO and now is the time to add a UV light – because 86% of our water has microbial life (Cryptosporidium and Giardia) that is impervious to disinfection and needs to be sterilized through UV light.  Even if you are using QCRO for all drinking water, ice, food prep and cooking water, Cryptosporidium can be ingested from teeth care, humidifiers, and shower usage.  All household water should pass through a properly sized UV light.  Please never drink water from a hose!  All pool and spa water, children’s water play areas should be treated and run through a UV light. This will also eliminate Giardia and rare but occur “brain-eating amoebas”, that are now in municipal treated water.

As your trusted water treatment company – All homes should have UV and Reverse Osmosis.

If you are missing some components for the best water – we are offering the following for a limited time:

UV Gen 4P Rack 8R1 (Includes installation and bypass follows at least a Softener.) Price is $1,150 – limited 35% discount $750.00
QCRO – Reverse Osmosis (Includes either a drill + faucet or 3:1 faucet installed.) Price is $650 – limited 35% discount $425.00
Catalytic Carbon Tanks (Includes installation to either a same sized softener, or with a NRV head before a softener.) Price is $1,000 – limited 30% discount $700.00

Terms: all offers must be accepted with a 50% deposit, by noon November 5, 2020 – the remainder will be due when installation is completed.  All deals are final.  If additional services, products are needed, then a quote for these will accompany these offers.  All installations must be completed by June 30, 2021.

RO’s installed on well water may require a booster pump ($150) as well water may have higher than normal TDS and Turbidity. RO’s, if possible maybe hooked up to Refrigerators or ice makers (for an additional fee) and they may require a booster pump, large storage tanks or both.

How to Claim Your Special

If you would like to take advantage of these Spooktacular prices fill out the form below and select the special you are interested in. After we receive the form we will send you an invoice with a deposit request.  Deposits must be received by November 5th, as the order will be placed on November 6th and installation times will be scheduled starting in the third week of November.

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    * Deposits must be received by November 5th, as the order will be placed on November 6th and installation times will be scheduled starting in the third week of November.

    Hear Why Customers Love Us...

    We recently moved to Spring Branch and needed help with the hardness of our water.  A neighbor referred us to Central Texas Water Softeners.  They were very knowledgeable about our local water conditions, how to make our water soft and they had a fix for the chlorine taste and odor in our water.  They sent us an estimate and it was far less than we expected.  They installed two days later, in and out in less than an hour and no mess.  We love our water. It feels, smells and tastes great!  We are also amazed how little salt it uses.

    MaySpring Branch Customer


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