Benefits of a Drinking Water Filtration System - Central Texas Water Softeners

Benefits of a Drinking Water Filtration System

  • November 9, 2021
Benefits of a Drinking Water Filtration System - Central Texas Water Softeners

Not all water is created equal. It’s perfectly understandable to be leery of water when you don’t know where it comes from, but what about when you do know? Did you know that while your drinking water may meet safety standards, it doesn’t mean you’re getting the best quality water possible? When it comes to drinking water, safety standards only ensure that the water is safe to use, not great to drink. This is where a drinking water filtration system in New Braunfels, also known as a reverse osmosis system, is beneficial.

But what about water that’s not for drinking? What about the water that we use to wash our clothes, cook with, and even bathe with? That water can be contaminated with minerals such as iron, heavy metals, and chlorine, all of which can damage and fade your clothing, affect your cooking, and affect your skin health. This is where a New Braunfels water softener can help.


First, how will a reverse osmosis system transform your water into pure, tasty drinking water? The best water filter system in New Braunfels will remove a number of impurities that are harmful to your health when consumed. You may or may not know, but reverse osmosis is the same process that major bottled water companies use to purify their water before bottling it and selling it. Having a professional like Central Texas Water Softeners install a drinking water system in your New Braunfels home will not only ensure that the water in your home is safe to drink but also save you money by eliminating the need to purchase bottled water or any other sources of water.

But if a reverse osmosis system can make water consumable, why do I need a New Braunfels water softener?

There’s a common misconception that all New Braunfels water filter systems are the same however, there is a difference between a New Braunfels drinking water filtration system and a New Braunfels water softener. While an RO system removes harmful pollutants, one of the main differences between a water softener and a drinking water system (or, a reverse osmosis system) is that a water softener uses an ion exchange to replace minerals in your water, leaving it soft and free of the contaminants that wreak havoc on your skin as well as on your plumbing, appliances, fixtures, and even your cooking!


There are some tell-tale signs to look out for when it comes to the overall health of your water. Are water spots being left on your dishes and fixtures? That could be from hard water which would require a hard water filter. Is soap scum building up on your shower and getting harder to clean? That’s another sign of hard water.

In regards to the water you consume, if it tastes and/or smells odd or is slightly cloudy or gray, you may be in need of a New Braunfels drinking water filtration system. The best way to determine the health of your water as well as determine what the best New Braunfels water filter system is for your home is to have a water test performed. Here at Central Texas Water Softeners, we have you covered as our water tests are completely FREE!

Our goal is to provide you and your family with clean, filtered, pure, and safe water. Additionally, we have the best hard water filters and water filter systems in New Braunfels for the best price. If water issues are affecting your home and well-being, contact us today 830.730.6799 to schedule your FREE water test!

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