Can Hard Water Harm Your Skin? - Central Texas Water Softeners

Can Hard Water Harm Your Skin?

  • November 16, 2021
Can Hard Water Harm Your Skin? - Central Texas Water Softeners

Do you suffer from severely dry skin or the skin condition known as eczema, and no matter what you do you simply can’t find relief? Well, it may be no fault of your own or the treatments that you’re using. The same concept applies to your hair. Has your hair felt drier than usual with bad hair days becoming the norm? If you’ve tried everything to alleviate these issues but to no avail, it might be time to look into a Dripping Springs hard water filter.

A hard water filter might be the answer to your problems. It may sound odd but the health of your water as well as the severity of its poor health may be the culprit behind your skin and hair issues. Keep reading to learn more about hard water, how it could be the cause of your dry, itchy skin, and what Central Texas Water Softeners can do about it.


Before we talk about solutions, let’s talk a little about what exactly hard water is. Whenever you hear the term ‘hard water’, the reference is being made to the large amounts of calcium and magnesium particles in your water supply. While these are harmless to humans, they aren’t so harmless to your plumbing, appliances, or your skin. Without a water purification system, these particles can slowly build up and create blockages that can affect multiple appliances and systems in your home, including your water heating system. If you’ve noticed your water is taking longer than usual to heat up, the damage caused by hard water could be the culprit.

But it’s not just your appliances hard water can affect. Did you know that the scum and residue left on your shower can also be left on your skin? Without a Dripping Springs water softener, this film left on your skin can cause irritations such as breakouts and eczema flare-ups. Additionally, without a Dripping Springs hard water filter, hard water can dry out the skin which can lead to premature age lines.

While not everyone has a hard water issue, these skin issues may sound familiar to those that do. Fortunately, we have a permanent solution! As one of the best water softener companies in Dripping Springs, we carry a variety of water purification systems that will safely and efficiently improve and correct your hard water issues.


Our water purification systems remove magnesium and calcium ions when water passes through the system, so when your water reaches you it’s free and clear of the impurities that can cause skin irritations. Following your FREE water test, we’ll provide you with water purification system options that will keep your water in optimal condition. When it comes to Dripping Springs hard water filters, we carry the gold standard to ensure that your household is equipped with the very best. Better skin and longer-lasting appliances – it’s a win-win!

For the best water softeners from one of the best water softener companies in Dripping Springs, contact Central Texas Water Softeners at 830.730.6799!

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