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Water Softening and Filtration During Drought

Water scarcity is a pressing issue that affects many regions, including Central Texas. As you can see in this drought map of Texas, conditions continue to intensify, and water conservation becomes increasingly paramount. In such challenging times, it’s crucial to prioritize efficient water usage and explore innovative solutions to...

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The Best Products to Treat Your Central Texas Water

Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a lot of diseases and various conditions are attributed to poor water conditions? These conditions include everything from skin diseases, digestive issues, infections, and cardiovascular issues, just to name a few. When unfiltered water is ingested, the consumer...

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Clean Water For Your Home With Whole House Water Filtration

It’s something so simple but can potentially be dangerous when not treated properly. We like to believe that the tap water in our homes is safe for use or consumption but the truth is, there are more than 2,000 chemicals found in tap water, and only a small percentage...

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How a Water Softener System Can Alleviate Appliance Stains

It’s time for spring cleaning and with that comes the need for a deep cleaning of the appliances we often glance over. By the time we get around to doing a deep clean, stains have become almost impossible to eliminate. Beyond that, dry, irritated skin and brittle hair are...

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The Benefits of a High-Efficiency Series Water Softener System

When it comes to purchasing a new appliance for your home, it’s important to do your research, especially when that purchase is a new water softener system. There’s quite a bit to consider when choosing to invest in a soft water system including efficiency, longevity, and long-term benefits.  The...

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The Perfect Water Softener System Does Exist

Cibolo homes are no stranger to hard water. Fortunately, there are solutions but what is not known is just how many options are available to remedy hard water. Before you rule out a soft water system for your home, here is some information on them as well as the...

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New Year. New Water. Better Health.

Every year, New Year’s resolutions are made to focus on better health. This resolution can come in many forms from working out to eating better and even lowering stress. One thing people may not consider is the water in their homes and how it can affect someone’s overall health...

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Why Central Texas Water Softeners Is Your Go-To For Clean Water

This past year has seen tremendous growth in Canyon Lake’s population. While everyone is relocating for various positive aspects of this wonderful city, one thing people may not know is that Canyon Lake is known for its hard water. In fact, hard water is almost all over the state...

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