Even Amazing Towns Like New Braunfels Have Hard Water - Central Texas Water Softeners

Even Amazing Towns Like New Braunfels Have Hard Water

  • September 13, 2021
Even Amazing Towns Like New Braunfels Have Hard Water - Central Texas Water Softeners

Anything but “remote”, New Braunfels has become one of the fastest growing cities in America with families moving here in droves. And how could they not?! With never ending activities for the family, national attractions, unique shopping and dining, and the Texas Hill Country in our backyard, who wouldn’t want to live here? New Braunfels truly has it all, including very hard water. And as the premier water softener company in New Braunfels we know all about it.

What exactly is ‘hard water’?

There are some particles that, thankfully, don’t affect our health but unfortunately, wreak havoc on our plumbing and appliances. These particles are calcium and magnesium, and when an abundance of them builds up, it leads to hard water. Over time, these tiny particles can pile up in your pipes and create some difficult blockages to remove. Any appliances you own that use water, such as washing machines, dishwashers, coffeemakers, even your water heating system can be affected by hard water. If you’ve noticed your water is taking longer to heat up, hard water could be the culprit.

While not threatening to our health, hard water can also do a number to our bodies. Did you know that the scum and residue left on your shower (caused by hard water) can also be left on your skin? It’s true! In addition to leaving spots on our appliances and showers, hard water can leave a film on your skin that can cause irritations such as breakouts and eczema flare-ups. Hard water can also severely dry out our skin which can lead to premature age lines.

Fortunately, there is a permanent solution for hard water.

If any of these sound familiar, a water softener company in New Braunfels such as Central Texas Water Softeners can fix your problem fast! Water softener systems will remove 99% of the particles that cause hard water, resulting in appliances lasting longer and performing better as well as improving efficiency of your hot water and heating system. Additionally, those who suffer from eczema will be happy to know that soft water is great for all types of skin conditions, including dry skin.

Does a water softener system also make my water drinkable?

While a water softener system does a great job of removing the particles that cause hard water, it unfortunately does not remove the particles that are harmful to our health when consumed. To ensure your water is free of any pollutants, you’ll want to have a reverse osmosis system installed in your home. While there are other drinking water systems in New Braunfels to choose from, nothing works quite like a reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis is a process used by many plants and bottled water companies to clean their water. Now, you can have this system in your home saving you money on bottled water and other drinking water filtration systems in New Braunfels that constantly need to be replaced.

While we may be a water softener company in New Braunfels, at Central Texas Water Softeners we specialize in reverse osmosis systems as well!

Whether you’re in the market for softer water, drinkable water, or both, we have your solution for all of your water needs. Contact the professionals at Central Texas Water Softeners to schedule your FREE water test today!

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