How to Get The Best Wimberley Water For Your Home - Central Texas Water Softeners

How to Get The Best Wimberley Water For Your Home

  • August 24, 2022
How to Get The Best Wimberley Water For Your Home - Central Texas Water Softeners

Did you know that nearly 85% of all homes in the United States have hard water? In Texas, this is particularly true as the state is known to have extremely hard water. In addition to the impurities in the water causing hard water, they can also make the water supply unsafe for consumption without being treated. Fortunately, there are solutions to remedy the quality of your home’s water and ensure you and your family have the best Wimberley water available.

The Benefits of a Wimberley Water Softener

A Wimberley water softener, or soft water system, is a filtration system that works through the process of ion exchange – a process through which ions of the same charge are exchanged between an insoluble solid and solution in contact with it. When it comes to water softening, magnesium and calcium ions that are present in the water are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions that are attached to resin beads. Sodium and potassium do not cause the water issues that calcium and magnesium do.

When you opt to have the best water softener in Wimberley installed in your home, you’ll be blown away by the benefits of your softened Wimberley water. For starters, you’ll have softer skin and silkier hair as the chlorine and water will no longer be causing damage. Your soft water system will also cut your soap usage by almost 50%, saving you money! 

With a Wimberley water softener, you’ll notice less scale and scum build-up which means you’ll spend less time scrubbing to try and remove all the build-up from your showers, sinks, and other surfaces and appliances. Soft water will result in fewer stains on your dishes, shower doors, fixtures, and anything your water touches. And with your pipes being spared from the havoc that hard water can wreak on them, you’ll notice a more efficient washer and brighter clothing.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Add the Final Touch

While a water softener can help with hard water, it does not remove all impurities. To ensure that your Wimberley water is of the best quality, we recommend having a reverse osmosis system installed. Both systems work in their own way to clean up your water however, work best when combined. One of the main benefits of reverse osmosis systems is that they increase your drinking water quality, reducing the need for bottled water and ultimately saving you money.

When you choose to have a Wimberley water softener and reverse osmosis system installed in your home, you’ll not only have the benefit of safe drinking water but you will also save on energy expenses, experience an increased lifespan of household appliances, as well as a decreased need for soap, shampoo, and detergents.

The experts at Central Texas Water Softeners offer solutions for the water needs of the residents of Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Bulverde Neighborhoods such as Oak Village North Bulverde,  Bulverde Estates, Bulverde Hills, and various other areas! We also provide customer service for former customers of Wimberley Water Technology. For more information on our products or to schedule your free water test, contact us at 830.730.6799 today!

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