The Problem With Some Water Filters - Central Texas Water Softeners

The Problem With Some Water Filters

  • September 8, 2022
The Problem With Some Water Filters - Central Texas Water Softeners

Our home is supposed to be our safe space, free of anything that can be harmful to our well-being. While we may strive to fix any obvious issues that can arise, one we may not even consider a threat is our Bulverde water. The fact is, however, our water supply is actually filled with harmful contaminants due largely in part to our location.

Although there are ways to remedy this, not all ways are the best. The market is flooded with water solutions in the form of water filters that can easily attach to faucets, each claiming to rid your water of harmful particles and contaminants. In this case, though, cheaper is not better. For the best quality water, it’s important to stick with professional water filtration systems. Here’s why.

The Difference Between a Store-Bought Water Filter and a Professional One

Aside from the price, the biggest difference you’re going to see in the types of water filtration systems available is the style of filtration. Carbon filtration is the most common filter you’ll find on the market and is typically sold by brands such as Brita. These water filtration systems contain fine grains of carbon which give less surface area for water to pass through and assist in removing chlorine, fluoride, and lead. These water filters are meant to act as replacements for soft water systems or drinking water systems but because the surface area of these filters is smaller than those of a professional water filtration system, they’re less effective.

For adequate Bulverde water that’s good for both our home and consumption, your best bet is to choose a Bulverde water softener and/or a Bulverde drinking water system. A reverse osmosis system is a water filtration system that works in phases to remove contaminants from your tap water. To remove hard water, the best water softener filters will remove the calcium and magnesium that finds their way into your pipes through an ion exchange process. 

Why It’s Best to Make The Investment

If you live in Texas, you have hard water regardless of your water source. And because of the amount of contaminants in the water, a less expensive water filtration system will not be able to remove all of these particles. These contaminants can be harmful to your body as they include nitrate, chloroform, and arsenic. They’re also found in the city water systems thanks in part to minimal water quality standards. 

Additionally, less expensive water filtration systems will not last as long. Filters need to be replaced often and when they’re not, can stop working, releasing the same contaminants back into the water. 

The best way to get safe, clean water is to invest in a Bulverde water softener as well as a reverse osmosis system for clean drinking water. Not sure about the state of your water? Our experts will administer a free water test to determine the quality of your water and what your best options are. We proudly service Bulverde and all of the local neighborhoods including Oak Village North Bulverde, Bulverde Estates, and Bulverde Hills. Contact us today at 830.730.6799 for the best Bulverde water available!

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