New Year. New Water. Better Health. - Central Texas Water Softeners

New Year. New Water. Better Health.

  • December 7, 2022
New Year. New Water. Better Health. - Central Texas Water Softeners

Every year, New Year’s resolutions are made to focus on better health. This resolution can come in many forms from working out to eating better and even lowering stress. One thing people may not consider is the water in their homes and how it can affect someone’s overall health without a water softener system or other water filtration systems.

Water helps maintain normal body temperatures, lubricates joints, and helps to rid our bodies of waste. It transports hormones and delivers nutrients to our vital organs which help them do their jobs. Clean water can also help to keep our hair soft and skin hydrated. However, if you live in central Texas, particularly in Blanco or Bergheim, the water in your home most likely carries unwanted elements and chemicals, contaminating it and making it unsafe for consumption as well as harsh on our bodies.

As we prepare for the new year and begin making those resolutions, consider adding “better water for your home” to that list. Or maybe you know someone who is in need of better water for their home? Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, here are a few reasons why you can’t go wrong with the gift of better water from Central Texas Water Softeners.

Better You with Better Water

Unfortunately, contaminated and hard water runs rampant in Texas. Because of the contaminants in the water supply, it’s very much unsafe for consumption. So it comes as no surprise that most homes are now being built with water filtration systems in order to filter out contaminants and deliver pure water to homeowners. Beyond the health benefits of clean drinking water, you’ll be saving your pocketbook as you will no longer need to purchase bottled water.

Then, there’s the case of the benefits that not only your hair and skin will benefit from but your appliances as well. The contaminants in hard water cannot only make it unsafe to consume but can also do a number on hair, skin, and even appliances. Without a Hill Country water softener, the minerals in hard water can result in soap scum and build-up in appliances leading to clogs and, in some cases, even rust. 

A soft water system can also benefit those with skin issues such as eczema as the contaminants in hard water can be very harsh on the skin. If you’re new to the area or have always wondered why your hair and skin feel dry after a shower, the culprit is most likely hard water. If you can’t seem to get the spots off your appliances and dishes, hard water could be what’s to blame. With a Hill Country water softener, you can rest assured that these issues will be alleviated.

Ready For Better Water?

Whether you need a Blanco water softener, Bergheim water softener, or are looking for the best water softener filters in the business, we can help you with that! At Central Texas Water Softeners, our team of professionals is passionate and dedicated to providing the Texas Hill Country and the surrounding area with the cleanest, most pure water available. For more information on our water softener systems or to schedule your FREE water test, contact us today at 830.730.6799!

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