The Perfect Water Softener System Does Exist - Central Texas Water Softeners

The Perfect Water Softener System Does Exist

  • January 12, 2023
The Perfect Water Softener System Does Exist - Central Texas Water Softeners

Cibolo homes are no stranger to hard water. Fortunately, there are solutions but what is not known is just how many options are available to remedy hard water. Before you rule out a soft water system for your home, here is some information on them as well as the options available.

What a Texas Water Softener Can Do For Your Home

Hard water can take a toll on a home’s appliances as well as wreak havoc on the skin of someone who suffers from various skin conditions. The best water softener filters will remove the minerals that cause hard water which is the culprit of everything from water spots on fixtures to eczema flare-ups. While there are several types of water filters, a soft water system is the most efficient solution for eliminating hard water. 

A water softener system, such as a Cabinet House Water Softener, will prevent the build-up of limescale in your home’s pipes as well as protect water-using appliances from early replacement. These point-of-entry systems connect to the main line and soften the water in your home by removing calcium and magnesium hardness ions through a process called ion exchange.

Do You Still Need a Water Softener System if Your Water is City Water?

It’s an unfortunate scenario but the truth is, water provided by a municipality is subjected to the bare minimum standards in order to pass inspection. This means there is still the possibility that your water supply is filled with contaminants. This also means that it is subject to being contaminated further as testing is performed prior to its traveling through municipal pipes and to your tap. 

Central Texas is particularly known for its hard water. Though there are a variety of water filtration systems available for homes, a Texas water softener system from a Cibolo water softener company like Centra Texas Water Softeners is truly the best way to eliminate the hard water found in your home.

What’s the Difference Between the Water Filtration Systems Available?

While there are water filtration systems that can be purchased at a store or online, the fact is they don’t have the capabilities of filtering out contaminants the way a soft water system does. Before you make the investment, the first thing you want to do is have your water tested to determine if you have hard water and its severity of it. 

Once the severity has been determined, you can begin to choose the best water softener filters for your hard water. If a water softener system is best for your home, there are great options in case you’re worried about having a bulky system installed. The Cabinet House Water Softener features a compact design that saves space while providing consistently soft water. This option is ideal if you’re in a confined space or do not want bulky equipment interfering with your space.

At Central Texas Water Softeners, we offer several water softener system options to remedy the hard water in your home. For more information on our products or to schedule your FREE water test, contact us today at 830.730.6799!

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