Will Your Business Benefit From a Commercial Water Softener? - Central Texas Water Softeners

Will Your Business Benefit From a Commercial Water Softener?

  • December 12, 2021
Will Your Business Benefit From a Commercial Water Softener? - Central Texas Water Softeners

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that your business provide safe, consumable water for your Austin customers. Whether you own a coffee shop or restaurant, a gym or a daycare center, clean and pure water is vital to not only your Austin business but to the health and wellness of your customers and employees. However, while it’s definitely a necessity, it can also be pricey. BUT! Did you know that there’s a system that you can have installed that will not only save you money but provide your customers with pure, quality drinking water? It’s a commercial reverse osmosis system, and it uses the same process that bottled water companies use to filter their water.

Beyond safe consumable water for your Austin business, a commercial reverse osmosis system will enhance your products particularly if you are in the restaurant and hospitality industry. From drinking water to water used for cooking, a commercial reverse osmosis system helps ensure that your Austin business is serving top quality food and drinks at all times. Grocery stores can benefit from a commercial reverse osmosis system as well. Pesticides and different types of bacteria are problematic, so it’s imperative that vegetables be decontaminated with water that has been decontaminated itself – something only a commercial reverse osmosis system can do. Clean water equals better tasting food which, in turn, equals happier customers. It’s a win-win with an Austin commercial reverse osmosis system!

But What if My Austin Business Already Has a Commercial Water Softener? 

It’s incredibly important that business owners know that a commercial water softener and commercial reverse osmosis system are two different systems. A water softener, commercial or industrial, will alleviate hard water issues however, it does not purify your water which means it is not adequate for consumption. 

A commercial reverse osmosis system is the only system that will remove impurities, certain minerals, and bacteria from your water making it safe to consume. However, a commercial water softener is still an important component to have especially when your customers and/or employees are coming into direct contact with your water. Commercial water filters and industrial water filters remove 99% of the particles that cause hard water, along with lead, giardia, crypto, chlorine, and chloramine. 

With the removal of these impurities, an industrial water softener or commercial water softener will not only protect the skin of your customers and employees (as hard water can cause skin irritations in those who suffer from certain skin conditions) but will also preserve the plumbing in your business by preventing build-up and blockages. Do you own a car wash? A commercial water softener or industrial water softener will deliver pure water that will keep your customer’s cars spot-free!

Interested in Learning More About These Systems For Your Austin Business?

It all starts with a consultation and a FREE water test. Our experts at Central Texas Water Softeners will perform a water analysis to determine the health of your water as well as recommend the best commercial water softener and/or commercial reverse osmosis system for your business. Our goal is to help you provide your customers and staff with the best water possible at a great price. To schedule your FREE water test, contact us today at 830.730.6799!

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