Canyon Lake is Issued a Mercury Warning by the Texas Department of State Health Services - Central Texas Water Softeners

Canyon Lake is Issued a Mercury Warning by the Texas Department of State Health Services

  • February 26, 2020
Canyon Lake is Issued a Mercury Warning by the Texas Department of State Health Services - Central Texas Water Softeners

Canyon Lake now has enough Mercury in its water that local fishes have high levels in their systems and warnings have been issued as to human consumption of fish from Canyon Lake.

What does this mean for our drinking, cooking, food prep and ice that we use/make from this water?

The fish in our local water supply are the “canaries in the coal mine” for our water.  Mercury in drinking water affect nerve cells and thyroid functions.  Mercury has great affects to unborn children and young children, but longer affects to all humans.

Mercury in water, some may say, has always been present, yes in very low level from nature, but what has risen the rate substantially enough to poison our fish comes from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), solid and medical waste, forest fires and manufacturing.  When Mercury washes into our water, bacteria in the water changes Mercury into methylmercury, which is absorbed into aquatic organisms. Little fish eat these organisms, bigger fish eat the little fish and we eat the bigger fish.  This methylmercury gets into the protein “meat” of the fish.  Cooking can not remove this from the meat!

The methylmercury is also in our drinking water.  No amount of mercury should be in our drinking water!  This can only be controlled at the household/office/school level by being removed through Reverse Osmosis.  Mercury is a heavy metal, like Fluoride, Lead, Aluminum and a host of other metals in our water.  Softeners and Carbon does not remove them, only Reverse Osmosis.

Mercury affect nerves and thyroid.  People with elevated levels of Mercury in their system will show signs of thyroid disease, organ toxicity to organ failure and a contributor to Autism and other health issues.

If Canyon Lake fish now have problems with Mercury, then all people using Canyon Lake Water for drinking, cooking, food prep and ice need to install a NSF rated Reverse Osmosis system, we offer the QCRO or HERO Reverse Osmosis systems which will remove all of Canyon Lake’s water problems in addition to Mercury.

Bottled water is either someone else tap water or Spring feed is someone else’s Well water.  Bottled water is not guaranteed to be void of heavy metals, organic and inorganic and radionuclide contaminants in it.  Bottled water is regulated by the FDA, not the EPA.

Canyon Lake has been issued this warning because its fish has tested positive for Mercury, all other local water sources will have similar levels of Mercury.  Just because fish are not in our aquifers, this does not mean that Mercury is not. Many people are asking ” Can you eat fish from Canyon Lake?”, but maybe they should also be asking “Is Canyon Lake water safe?”. We always suggest to read your local water quality reports, which you can find on our web site by city on the homepage. Click here to see Canyon Lake’s information.

Central Texas Water Softeners understands your local water and what is needed to make it the best working and/or drinking water. Our mission is find the right water solutions to help your home and business get clean, pure water while providing water knowledge. For more information on water softeners, reverse osmosis, water purity and filtration, contact the experts at Central Texas Water Softeners. We take pride in saying that we supply the best reverse osmosis water treatment systems for Canyon Lake and the Texas Hill Country area.

Source: Kens5

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