MVS Commercial Water Filtration - Central Texas Water Softeners
MVS Commercial Water Filtration - Central Texas Water Softeners

MVS Commercial Water Filtration

The MVS Series Filtration is custom designed for your large business water treatment.

This Series can handle high flow, high demand and challenging water issues.

Filtration can include: Birm (Iron), Activate Carbon, Chem Free, Greensand, Multi Media, NextSand and Neutralizing filtration units.

This system can be configure with multiple tanks to ensure treatment throughout high peak times.


Top Features

  • High flow rates for larger businesses.
  • Saves up thousands of gallons of water per year
  • Advanced Diagnostic Information: Large LCD Display with real time information
  • Battery Back-up: Continue to meter/monitor water usage without power
  • Automatic System Flush refreshes system during periods of non use.
  • Inlet/Outlet large connections sizes for greater flow
  • Parallel Flow: All tanks are interlocked so only one can regenerate at a time
  • System Interlock: A signal can be accepted to prevent regeneration

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    We had gone through 2 water softener resin tanks within 10 years.  I was frustrated having to the drain the resin from my household plumbing and replace the resin/system well before the specified service life mentioned by the installers.  I decided to research the subject extensively and learned that the Chlorine content in the water was the root cause of the premature degradation of the resin.  I contacted numerous installers and water professionals and received several quotes that didn’t address the issue and another that was $4,500 from Culligan.  We strongly recommend and encourage anyone considering buying a water softener to get a quote from Central Texas Water Softener.  Their package treats both the hardness and the Chlorine for $2,500 installed. Thank you for the detailed explanation of your system and the fair price.  My daughters and wife are happy and we are thrilled with the improvement your system has made to the quality of our water.

    Gilbert LRiver Crossing

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